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Everyone will notice some changes on the website over the next couple of days-nothing dramatic, but some fonts and menus will change.

Additionally, we are adding a new ‘Reader Initiated Alerts‘ page.  I don’t know if this will work out well, but we will find out.  It will be a page where readers that come upon new issues or other news they deem to be important can be posted–and by going to this page one will get something a reader believes is important for all to see right away.  WE WILL ADD A LINK TO THE TOP OF EACH PAGE SO FOLKS CAN GO TO THE PAGE WITH 1 CLICK.  This is being added because Larry M had asked how he could find ‘alerts’ other readers post in comments–too many comments to go through.  This normally would happen when we are not at our computer.

Also we are investigating whether a ‘search’ can include data in the comment area–I will let everyone know on this one when I get an answer from Chad who handles the tech end of things.

Also the menu tabs on the tops of all pages will get smaller–not too small, but small enough that I can add more tabs there so readers might navigate with fewer ‘clicks’.

More info to come as we see changes appear-i.e. when Chad can work the changes into the schedule.

23 thoughts on “Website Changes”

  1. Tim- I have been visiting your regularly for the last few months and it definitely had value for me. Will be a subscriber when you decide it’s time. Also a yearly QuantumOnline contributor.

  2. Tim, Thanks for trying to address the comment mess. Your current design lists only 5 or 6 “recent comments” on the front page. Maybe you could up that number a bit. When your more prolific commenters post 10 or 20 or more comments each day (many off-topic to the articles, as will happen with ad-hoc discussions), it’s impossible to keep up.

    1. Hi Larry–I will get a note out on the changes soon. I see about the other items you mention.

    1. Sure puck49–whatever I can reasonably do I do–some things we just can’t accomplish.

  3. Tim you do an excellent job with the site. I have been following you since 2015 on yield hunter. I appreciate your insights and thoughts. The portfolios on yield hunter were great for a new investor looking for ideas. Thanks a lot.

  4. Tim
    thanks for your hard work/glad I found this site.
    last year converted 80% of my 401 rollover to perfereds.

  5. Tim, count in me as well when needed for contributions. As a newbie to FI the knowledge I gained from what you and other seasoned commentators contribute has been of immense value. Thank you.

    1. This site is definitely better than most “for pay” sites. And I agree that it is worth paying for, but that is up to Tim who has done and is still doing tremendous job for the preferreds community.

    1. Hi P–someday a little of that might come, but no plans now. Won’t ever use display ads again though. With the old Yield Hunter site all total I netted about $2xx,xxx over 9 years and it was just a ‘hobby’–but that was when advertising was worth something-now ads are just a way for companies to scrape all your data for whatever use they decide.

      1. What about the book keeper? I almost fainted when you said your portfolios had somehow gotten discombobulated into overweight Gladstone.

  6. Tim, question of the day…When does starting a website for fun, become a job! 🙂 When/If it becomes necessary for others to share the burden we are here to cut the check!

    1. Ditto!

      I always pay for value received. I just made my annual contribution to QuantumOnline. This website provides similar value.

      1. Hi Bruce–I want to add so much more to the site and someday when i meets my standard for value provided maybe something here will be appropraite.

      2. Tim, Thank you for hosting us! Would be happy to contribute to the cause. And Bruce thank you for mentioning QuantumOnline – another site richly deserving of our support.

      3. Bruce, for what it is worth I send in a check to QuantumOnline for $100 per year and have done the same for 10 years. Different model, but I support them as I like the research capabilities there.

    2. Hi Grid–believe me when I say I enjoy it immensely–in spite of the somewhat meager pay.

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