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It never ends of course, but it is likely next week you will see some minor changes in the website. This will be things like font sizes etc.–nothing in terms of function.

Additionally I asked Chad to give us some options for commenting–I know that you all would like to see something where you could sort more specifically by topic or have a listing of comments from any given user. I have done some of my own research and have found some good add ons for wordpress–but being an old dude I need the younger tech folks to tell me what I can’t do–you can’t do this and you can’t do that. Well I kind of want what I want and I will figure out something–just might take a month or two–and usually when I say to ‘do it’ after they say it can’t be done it is just a matter of $$$.

Lastly under “coming attractions” is a project that I just initiated a week ago yesterday. Since it is new and not even close to complete (or even barely started) I can’t give many details–and it will take a month or two (or three), but let’s just say that all those damned Google Sheets slicing and dicing all the preferreds and baby bonds will go away and you will be able to slice and dice 700 securities (or more) the way you want to cut them. I am really excited about this project–truly, and I don’t get too excited about anything. Last Thursday I contracted with an ‘expert’ to execute this for us and committed a decent amount of money to getting it done–lots of steak dinners.

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  1. Tim and Grid, Thanks. I will take my time reading the discussion forum and see how comfortable I am crossing the border.

    1. Rich, This is a good primer link concerning the 15% withholding and whether you personally or as a married unit can reclaim it. Its a body blow if you get withheld and dont have means to get it back. The $300 individual and $600 married is a mostly easy mechanism for most people. But that depends on your reportable income levels.
      If you decide to buy a reset and in tax free I would run the ticker by the forum to see if they withhold anyways. It varies issue to issue and brokerage to brokerage from what people have been posting. For example, I have had no withholding issue with Enbridge in tax free through Vanguard and TD. But Canadian Utilities and Altagas were withheld out of Vanguard. It simply wont be worth your headache time to try to get it corrected as it seems to end in failure on many.

        1. Grid ….. some thing you might want to look into (I haven’t) is Canadian REIT preferred. I know just a few names, those being Artis and Brookfield. If they are like U.S. REIT preferred – in that they are non-QID but pay higher rates – that would be a good thing to stuff into your qualified accounts, especially Roths.

          1. Bob, I suspect there are good opportunities in some other sectors. I just dont have the gumption to deep dive from scratch on anything totally unfamiliar. I left what few brain cells I have diving into LXP-C and NYCB-U a couple months ago. I may have to be satisfied flipping PPX on 10 cent price movements until something hits my buy range, lol.

        2. That article way oversimplifies things and doesn’t point out any of the benefits or pitfalls associated with the reciprocal tax treaties.
          also, one of the dirty little secrets is that the brokerage industry routinely screws up the foreign tax amounts.

          1. Justin, the only purpose the article was to serve as I previously stated was for reclaiming tax credit versus ones income. It wasnt for any of those concerns. Thus why it was called primer. One needs to know impact on withholding and their own personal eligibility before seriously getting started.

      1. Is the difference related to where it trades?
        NYSE traded gets refunded but pink sheet that only traded in Canada did not?
        That has been my experience.

  2. Thanks Tim
    Much appreciated
    Do let us know when / where we can contribute $$$

  3. Hi Tim, please use your powers to bring money market and h/y savings rates back up for my/our cash while we wait for opportunities ala Dec ’18. Tell Chad he can achieve a lobster in addition to his steak for helping you with this favor.

    1. Bea–I wish Chad had those powers, because my MM has now drifted down to about 2.1% from the 2.30’s. I think we will be at 1.5% by year end–and a year from now zilch again.

    1. Hi Walter–please expand your desire of what you would like to see. Currently there is no IPO date of the baby bond list. Is a IPO date and sortability what you would like to see. thanks.

  4. Hi Tim, I have one minor request. The RSS comments feed appears to only have the 10 most recent comments at any given time. Would it be possible to increase this?

    Thanks for everything you do!

    1. Thank you Tim – great site! Really appreciate you always looking for ways to improve the site. As a newbie to the world of preferreds, I can’t thank the collective forum (including you) enough for sharing their wisdom and their graciousness.

      1. Proto123–thanks for being here and participating–please, please tap the knowledge of the other folks here. If you are new to the preferred world you will be well on your way to being knowledgable–but the learning never stops.

    2. 730Cap–I will check the settings and see if I can change that–some features aren’t allowed unless you have the ‘upgrade’ version–meaning paid–I am using the freebie version.

      1. Okay thanks. Would be helfpul for people using something like Feedbro on a computer that is not online 24/7.

    3. This would be an issue with the RSS reader you are using, not this site.

      You should be able to go into the settings of your RSS reader and change how many RSS comments get downloaded at a time

      1. No, only the 10 most recent comments are in the feed. If you use something like Feedbro and are offline for a while, you will miss some comments.

        Doesn’t matter if your reader is always online or in the cloud.

        1. You are wrong. I use Feedbro. You need to go in and update your settings. There are a number of settings you can change but this is the main one you want


          Maximum entries to save (default)

          I changed mine to 100 – works perfectly

          1. No, you are wrong. Maybe you have it connected 24/7. Take it offline for a day and you will only get the 10 newest comments.

            How many it saves is a completely different matter.

      2. That’s my understanding as well Maverick….my RSS feed was set to default which gave me 20 comments maximum. Lately that hasn’t been enough to capture all the comments, so I bumped it up to 50.

  5. This is a great site…one of the best on the Net. Great moderator, but also kudos to all the adults who are thoughtful and respectful. Not saying anything that hasn’t already been said but I wanted to chime in that reading posts from this community every day is something I look forward to and appreciate.

    1. Hi Skg–glad you find everything helpful. I have only banned 2 folks thus far—and I catch about 20 messages a day in the comment spam filter. Also I have this great comment dashboard so I can quickly skim everything–but mostly we don’t have any problems.

  6. Tim – Admitting to being “an old dude,” I’m betting the changes to font size will mean an increase, huh? LOL

    1. 2WR–I am sure you will believe me when I tell you I have always instructed Chad to use larger font just for that reason. Actually this time I said chop the size in half–some headings etc that are excessively large–even for use older folks.

    1. Amy – when I can provide what I believe to be more value I will give you the opportunity to contribute.

      1. Tim, I have occasionally posted but do read your site almost daily since inception as do I on SI Income Investor where I got my toes wet with preferreds for income 3 years ago after leaving corporate. I grew up buying/trading commons but I shifted and currently invested in 58 preferred type securities. My many thanks to you and back scene folks (if any) for maintaining a great site. I’m with Amy in letting us know when and how we can help you keep this site as informative as it has been. I’m forever learning until I’m called 🙂

        1. I like that Rich, we are all preferreds and some day we will be called. Thanks Tim for all that you do and the great group of people contributing here.

          1. Tim H–it is much fun to have everyone participate–as well as enlightening for us all. Thanks for participating.

        2. BlueClaw–as you know I am very happy to have you and all folks here (well there are banned folks that can stay away). Like you all I had was common stocks from 1971 to 2005—now seldom do I have and am more successful and happy. I see so much good knowledge flowing through the message boards–for instance the Canadian board has had bunches of good stuff being talked about–my personal knowledge of most of these Canadian issue is almost zilch, but no doubt that board is the place to learn about them.

          1. Tim: Re your ‘fonts’ comment. I have to go down to 100% in order to display the menu on the right hand side of the main page; subsequently, when I display the literature/lists that I wish to access, I increase the font to a larger size, which suits me as a senior citizen. Sometimes, part of the listing will not be displayed and I adjust the font down to pick it all up. It’s not hard and I am used to doing the same on many sites, not just financial ones. Thanks

          2. Tim, I am not familiar with the Canadian board and if you don’t mind can you direct me to that? Grid and others have posted on SI re buying Canadian securities but I am not familiar with that exchange and tax impacts, etc.. so, I stayed away. But, I would like to start reading and learning.

            1. Rich the first thing you need to find out if the 15% withholding is recoverable for you. There are a few landmines there. And dont think buying in tax free rids you of the problem. As some still withhold anyways in a random manner. Everybody blaming someone else for the problem.
              Currency risk is what it is. You can check daily on that as that effects pricing also. Has been bouncing between .73 and .77 cents lately.

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