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Just a quick mention of some changes I am starting to make on the website ‘lists’.

1 of our longtime readers has suggested it would be simpler if we could consolidate some of our “lists”–for instance we had a REIT preferred listing for ‘alphabetical’ and a separate listing for ‘by yield’

After some research and consultation with experts we have begun the process of combination.  This will take some time and like all things on this website will evolve, with each step hopefully adding some value to readers.

1st we have combined the 2 REIT lists into 1.

You can see the list here–you can select either ‘alphabetical’ or ‘by yield’ by the tab on top of the list. 

So we can eliminate 1 of our lists by having them combined and you can access either ‘view’ with a tab on the top of the list.  This is a win for all involved (I think).

So with this small step being taken we envision, over some amount of time,  having a “Master” sheet with sort options of all sizes and shapes

At this time we are going to start today to add credit rating to our lists–this will take a little time.

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  1. I don’t know if this change is relevant to me or not, but every other change you’ve made has been well received so I’m sure this one is beneficial too. Keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks Tim.

    Btw, anyone uses Google Sheets to track their portfolio. I’ve been having hard time with their googlefinance() function and was wondering if others are encountering this problem. It seems ever since Google Finance website was eliminated their support of finance-related data has been terrible.

    1. Jay – their support has always been non existent. I have been using google docs since day 1 and I wish they would charge me 5 bucks a month and then provide support.

      Let me know what you need–I may know the answer.

      1. Thank Tim, really appreciate it. Since Monday their googlefinance() function stopped working. either not recognizing ticker symbols or worse it pulls the wrong price of a different symbol.

        do u utilize this function or you built your own?

        1. Yes Jay it is the same that we use.


          Where D14 is the cell where the ticker is located.

          1. Yup that’s how I use it. Try pulling price say for IHTA, it worked on Monday but hasn’t worked since.

            I am experimenting with Zoho sheets now. It has good user review as an alternative to Google’s… though from my initial use it seems way slow…

            1. Google finance is very buggy. Try a price check for QUAL and see what it returns! I always error check if a buy or sell is involved.

              Let us know how ZOHO works out, if you would be so kind.

            2. Jay, We reverted to excel and have found it liberating. Pricing updates every 15 minutes are available through an Add-In named “Stock Connector”. A half-dozen IF calcs and Conditional formatting and the sheet basically runs itself. We’ve built it to set alerts e.g. when any yields drops above/below thresholds indicating an oversold/overbought scenario. Combined with the continuous price updates, the XIRR fx is fabulous for reliable up-to-the-minute (well, 15-minute) pfd YTM calcs and cross-updates the spreadsheet. There are a few OTC positions that require manual updates, though many of those don’t move much anyway. If you’re interested (or anyone else) just let me know and I’ll be happy to share whatever I have including the formulas, some of which are a tad long – but so worth the front-end investment.

              1. Hi Alpha 8,
                I am interested in what you’ve done in Excel. Which Excel version are you using? What is the data source you’re connecting to? And I cannot find anything on the Stock Connector you mentioned. Is it an Excel add-in?
                Thanks in advance,

                1. Hi Bruce, Delay in responding as I’ve been traveling – glad to see you were able to link to Stock Connector. For anyone else looking: Excel Spreadsheet/Insert Tab/Add-Ins/Get Add-Ins. The price updates are instantly cross-referenced to a few locations on the sheet to run all the calcs. The IF fxs are incredibly useful and versatile and have been valuable in keeping the sheet “running” by itself for example to sum dividends as the posting dates pass and to keep the YTM (XIRR) calcs current by replacing a distribution with a “0” after that date has passed. As you know, once paid they should no longer be included in the YTM calculation. Here’s an example of that YTM formula for the distributions column: =IF(AF$9>AF17, 0, AF$7/4) where AF9 is: =TODAY() and AF17 is the distribution date AF7 is the annual dividend (or interest). Note the denominator in the AF7 is the distributions per year. Also dividends auto-sum as each month passes via a very long but fairly straightforward IF statement. When combined with separate per share gain/loss (which uses Stock Connector), this is useful in tracking YTD gain/loss (if you recorded closing prices on 12.31 – just copy the last price update on 12.31 with a value-only copy/paste special) and total return. Separately – use Conditional Formatting to set alerts (such as cell turns red) in a cell when for example a yield drops too low (indicating issue is over-bought). This and quite a bit more runs itself with minimal updates – most updates at year-end. I viewed this effort as a front-end investment of (actually a lot of) time to have a full and robust spreadsheet that requires minimal maintenance. Started the sheet when I was only holding a few positions though now with 18 notes, BBs and pfds and 14 bond-like equity positions it’s been more of a necessity than a luxury. Easy calcs also help track % if Income and % of Portfolio for each position – very helpful. Built it for extremely low maintenance, just need to add/delete the buys and sells. PM me via SA if you’d like a snapshot. Here’s the long but straightforward IF fx for the for the div summary – in this case it’s written for 12 months but you can easily modify for Qs. =IF(TODAY()>$AC$36,SUM(G37:AC37),IF(TODAY()>$AA$36,SUM(G37:AA37),IF(TODAY()>$Y$36,SUM(G37:Y37),IF(TODAY()>$W$36,SUM(G37:W37),IF(TODAY()>$U$36,SUM(G37:U37),IF(TODAY()>$S$36,SUM(G37:S37),IF(TODAY()>$Q$36,SUM(G37:Q37),IF(TODAY()>$O$36,SUM(G37:O37),IF(TODAY()>$M$36,SUM(G37:M37),IF(TODAY()>$K$36,SUM(G37:K37),IF(TODAY()>$I$36,SUM(G37:I37),IF(TODAY()>$G$36,SUM(G37),0)))))))))))) Line 36 refers to 12.31, 11.30, 10.31 etc and line 37 refers to the dividends for each month by stock. Each stock has it’s own line.

                  1. Thanks Alpha 8. This is helpful and Stock Connector is just the tool I’ve been seeking. Thanks for sharing!

                    1. Bruce – Glad it’s working out for you. Particularly given the support I’ve received from others on Tim’s site, grateful for the opportunity to share. Be sure to let me know if you have any other excel questions (you can always PM via SA) and I’ll answer if I can. Probably a good time to again thank Tim and all those who help maintain the integrity of the site.

              2. OK, just got the add-in installed and made a suggested $10 donation to the author. That’s cheap, considering the functionality and value provided.

              3. Thanks Bob-in-DE & Alpha. I actually moved from Excel to Google sheets to allow me and my wife access whether from home or office. I’ve been playing with Zoho sheets the last couple of days. It has a nice clean interface and pretty much most of the functions one needs to monitor a portfolio with all the bells and whistles of triggering alerts/emails, etc.. the only drawback I found is it’s annoyingly slow. It’s not the size of the spreadsheet that slows it down, it seems the site itself. I wonder if their servers are based overseas, even though their corporate offices in CA.

                There is a cloud-based Excel called Excel Online, unfortunately it doesn’t include the Stock Datatype functions yet.

                I am brushing up on Javascript and trying to build a Google sheet custom function for retrieving stock prices..

                I’ll post an update if it works as expected.

                1. Jay, I don’t mean to pry, but here’s an excerpt from the Stock Connector add-in (referred by Alpha 8) and it sounds like it may do what you want in Excel Online:
                  “This stock-tracking app works in Excel 2016 for Windows, Excel 2016 for Mac, Excel Online (browser), Excel for iPad, and Excel 2013 (desktop), whereas all other stock-tracking applications for Microsoft Excel work only in the desktop version. That means you can put your live portfolio tracker Excel file in OneDrive or DropBox and access it from any computer, even ones that don’t have Office.”

                    1. Stock Connector is awesome. Thank you guys. It looks like I am back to Excel (Online), and contributing $10 beats brushing up on Javascript 😉

        2. Jay–if you trying to pull baby bond prices Google is spotty–some will pull and some will not–I get some of those elsewhere.

        1. Mr Lucky–you are so correct–I could go nuts. Once you figure a few things out it is tempting to go over the top–don’t want to do that.

          1. Your web developer would need to use a framework that you can easily sort by headings in the table. I have dabbled in that space. I have done everything else (servers, networks, storage, database, security, solution architecture, monitoring, big data, programming. 🙂 Light web development, but none of the latest angular, etc. Now I am working on data analytics. I would need to start working on a data feed, perform machine learning on some fields like price,…

            Many thx for you updates in the last few months. You can tell you have a lot more time. 🙂

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