Weak Results From the 10 Year Treasury Auction

Just like the 3 year note auction yesterday the 10 year notes today showed weak result with a high yield of 2.795% accepted for some notes.

The current 10 year note being quoted is at 2.79%.

I am not certain if there is a relationship between rates in the next month or two and weak demand at a treasury auction–this deserves much more study in the future.  With weak coverage it must portend issues ahead–but not sure any data could confirm that.  Tomorrow we will have a 30 year bond auction.

Here is the Bloomberg snippet on the results.

2 thoughts on “Weak Results From the 10 Year Treasury Auction”

  1. They should have started selling earlier. In a rising environment, who wants to own anything 2% or higher, even if it is from the gov’t?

    1. I have bought 2% , 9 month treasury secondaries recently. May buy a bit more…The 10 year variety? No thanks for me either.

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