We Have Added Baby Bonds to Ocean Ship Owner List

As we had mentioned we would try to add the baby bonds of the Ocean Shippers to the ocean shippers preferred stock list.

There are only 7 baby bonds on the list and 6 of 7 quotes are working fine on the list–we are having trouble with 1 quote which seems to be working ‘part time’.  We will try to get this ‘repaired’ so we have a complete list.

As more than one reader mentioned they have a higher comfort level with owning some of the shipper baby bonds with a ‘date certain’ return of their capital instead of owning any of the perpetuals.  Seems to be a reasonably wise choice.

The listing is here and a link is on the ‘preferred stock’ page.

4 thoughts on “We Have Added Baby Bonds to Ocean Ship Owner List”

  1. I saw this posted and I thought it may be able to help a few investors here that ask if the BDC has internal or external management:
    Alcentra Capital Corporation (NASDAQ:ABDC) – Ext.
    American Capital Senior Floating (NASDAQ:ACSF) – Ext.
    Apollo Investment Corporation (NASDAQ:AINV) – Ext.
    Ares Capital Corporation (NASDAQ:ARCC) – Ext.
    (Ares Capital Corporation to Acquire American Capital, Ltd in Transaction Valued at $3.4 Billion – link)
    BlackRock Kelso Capital (NASDAQ:BKCC) – Ext.
    CM Finance Inc. (NASDAQ:CMFN) – Ext.
    Capitala Finance Corp. (NASDAQ:CPTA) – Ext.
    Capital Southwest Corporation (NASDAQ:CSWC) – Int.
    Fidus Investment Corporation (NASDAQ:FDUS) – Ext.
    Fifth Street Finance Corp. (NASDAQ:FSC) – Ext.
    Fifth Street Senior Floating Rate (NASDAQ:FSFR) – Ext.
    Franklin Square Investment Corp. (NYSE:FSIC) – Ext.
    Full Circle Capital Corporation (NASDAQ:FULL) – Ext.
    Garrison Capital Inc. (NASDAQ:GARS) – Ext.
    Gladstone Capital Corporation (NASDAQ:GLAD) – Ext.
    Gladstone Investment Corporation (NASDAQ:GAIN) – Ext.
    Goldman Sachs BDC (NYSE:GSBD) – Ext.
    Golub Capital BDC, Inc. (NASDAQ:GBDC) – Ext.
    Harvest Capital Credit (NASDAQ:HCAP) – Ext.
    Hercules Technology Growth Capital (NYSE:HTGC) – Int.
    Horizon Technology Finance Corp. (NASDAQ:HRZN) – Ext.
    KCAP Financial, Inc. (NASDAQ:KCAP) – Int.
    Main Street Capital Corporation (NYSE:MAIN) – Int.
    Medallion Financial Corp. (NASDAQ:MFIN) – Int.
    Medley Capital Corporation (NYSE:MCC) – Ext.
    Monroe Capital Corporation (NASDAQ:MRCC) – Ext.
    MVC Capital, Inc. (NYSE:MVC) – Ext.
    New Mountain Finance Corporation (NYSE:NMFC) – Ext.
    Newtek Business Services Corp. (NASDAQ:NEWT) – Int.
    Oak Hill Advisors (NASDAQ:OHAI) – Ext.
    OFS Capital Corporation (NASDAQ:OFS) – Ext.
    PennantPark Floating Rate Capital (NASDAQ:PFLT) – Ext.
    PennantPark Investment Corporation (NASDAQ:PNNT) – Ext.
    Prospect Capital Corporation (NASDAQ:PSEC) – Ext.
    Rand Capital Corporation (NASDAQ:RAND) – Int.
    Saratoga Investment Corp. (NYSE:SAR) – Ext.
    Solar Capital Ltd. (NASDAQ:SLRC) – Ext.
    Solar Senior Capital Ltd. (NASDAQ:SUNS) – Ext.
    Stellus Capital Investment (NYSE:SCM) – Ext.
    TCP Capital Corp. (NASDAQ:TCPC) – Ext.
    THL Credit, Inc. (NASDAQ:TCRD) – Ext.
    TICC Capital Corp. (NASDAQ:TICC) – Ext.
    TPG Specialty Lending (NYSE:TSLX) – Ext.
    Triangle Capital Corporation (NYSE:TCAP-OLD) – Int.
    TriplePoint Venture Growth (NYSE:TPVG) – Ext.
    WhiteHorse Finance (NASDAQ:WHF) – Ext.
    Wishing you profitable investing, Nomad

  2. SBBC has been very good to me. Not big on shippers, but I usually have one or two which make up a very low percentage on my holdings if the economy is good.

    1. Hi Scott–hope to look closer at baby bonds of these issues and maybe take a position in a short dated maturity issue.

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