Watch the Fed Statement

The Fed will make a statement in an hour (after their monthly meeting) and you can be certain the press will parse the statement for every little crumb of news as to future rate hikes and potential inflation.

We have an interest in the statement, but obviously will not react in any way to it.  It may make a difference whether the 10 year treasury trading now at 2.98% spikes over 3% or whether it continues to drift-potentially low.


7 thoughts on “Watch the Fed Statement”

    1. Thanks Jim—someday I will find more time to write lots more.

  1. Tim Thanks for all that you do for us. The symbols for the Great Elm baby bonds are CLCCL and CLCCM.

  2. “Wednesday’s announcement was not accompanied by a press conference with Fed chair Jay Powell nor were updated economic forecasts from the Fed released.”

    Well this should certainly clear things up for us!!! Uggh…

  3. Tim, there are 2 baby bonds issued by Great Elm Capital Corp. that fit your maturity range. GEECL 6.5% notes mature in 2022 and GEECM 6.75% notes mature in 2025. What do you think of these notes?

    1. Hi MFZ–I will have to look again at Great Elm. If my memory is correct they had 1 huge loan that was going bad–but maybe that is all behind them. Will have to look again.

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