Uhaul (Amerco) Reports Earnings

Amerco (NASDAQ:UHAL) has reported earnings for the quarter ending 6/30/2019. The earnings are pretty darned good as the company had net income of $132 million on $1.079 billion in sales. We are not going to write much on this as those that have an interest can read the results here.

We mention this because of the Uhaulinvestorsclub, which is an alternative investment for income investors, such as those that frequent this website.

We personally have 2 IRA accounts that we started with Uhaul last year and have been funding with new money in the IRAs. The returns are not large–3% to 6% depending on what you desires are, but for us, now with about $15,000 in the accounts it is just another way to diversify with a reasonable level of risk. We may go as high as 5-10% of our assets in these notes.

Clicking here will take you to an earlier writing on the Uhaulinvestorsclub and for newer readers with an interest in an alternative income investment it might be worthwhile to see the earlier recap.

6 thoughts on “Uhaul (Amerco) Reports Earnings”

  1. Oooo definitely not an environment to own m-reits, I’ll stick with my steady Eddie 7.16% for a few months.

  2. Tim, I opened my account with U-Haul Investors Club earlier this year. Have been transitioning out of Lending Club and into U-Haul. I have kept to the 2 to 3 year maturities and have been happy with the move.

    1. Yes Gary–I have stuck to 2-3 years mostly for me, but have gone out 5 years in the wifes account. I have pretty good confidence in the company in particular with the investment being debt.

      In fact today is being the 9th of Aug we just got 800 worth of payments in today–got to get it reinvested asap.

      1. Thanks for the quarterly update on UHAL earnings. Overall, the company is doing very well financially and I’m pleased with my investment in the club. As I’m only 50 years old, I’m fine with some of their longer term offerings as they used to pay 7.25% on 25 year loans backed by real estate. However, they have not had any real estate loans in about three months.

        1. kaptain–yes since my wife is 4 years younger I go a bit further out for her account–being 66 in a couple months I stay shorter.

          1. Tim – that certainly makes sense to me, as each investor makes investment decisions based on age and risk tolerance. Plus, anyone with a defined benefit pension and Social Security would probably want to go with shorter term investments for liquidity reasons. I only have one concern with my investments there and it is not risk of default: I have a number of notes in the 20 – 30 year range with rates of 6.95%, 7.25% and 7.75%. The company is technically allow to “call” these notes at any time and those rates would be very hard to replace in the current interest rate environment.

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