5 thoughts on “Triumph Bancorp Selling Fixed Rate Preferred”

  1. Prospectus has a map of their branches. 1 in Tx. They do a lot of factoring which is a biz I of which I have awareness, (retail), but not familiarness. Theres gotta be a reason for the 7+ coupon.

  2. I have some very small positions in 4 of these new regional banks and insurers. Hasnt led a penthouse life style yet. I will pass on this one. Triumph made some great music back in the 1980s but I dont know if they run a bank very well.

    1. Also being in TX more loans to Oil/drilling and reliant on those not slimming down, than elsewhere?

    2. I haven’t done a deep dive into this bank but just looking at the previous earnings and comparing that to STXB which is another Texas bank and I’m staying far away from this one.

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