Triton International Announces New Preferred Offering

Container lessor Triton International (TRTN) has announced a new offering of preferred shares.

The company already has 2 other issues outstanding which can be seen here. These are high yield shares which have traded in the $26-$27 area.

We note that being a lessor of containers this company will be very sensitive to global economic conditions and while their common and preferred shares have traded strongly this is subject to sharp changes in a recession (at least that is my opinion). These shares are rated B+ by S&P.

The preliminary prospectus can be read here.

As always numerous folks were on this one quick on the Reader Initiated Alerts page.

3 thoughts on “Triton International Announces New Preferred Offering”

  1. been reading lately your page and find it very helpful.
    Cannot find any comments about TRTN in the reader initiaded alerts. Wonder what I’m doing wrong

    1. Jaime, right now, that posting on TRTN is about the 10th posting down on that page from the top. There used to be a link at the top to sort the messages by newer messages. If that’s still there, you may have to click it.

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