Trade Tensions Rise While Income Securities Remain Firm

In spite of trade tensions ramping up income securities are steady as interest rates are steady with stock prices falling off a bit.  Thus far the tariffs announced are mostly just announced with just a small portion actually in effect, but we really need to see some progress in negotiating with China and the European Union.

We still believe that it is possible in the next month that we will get a sizable stock selloff because of the trade tensions–nervous nellies selling as more tariffs occur.  Massive selling has already occurred in the ag markets, which we watch closely since we live in the midwest–there will be liquidations of farmland occurring at a faster and faster clip if prices don’t turn around by fall.  We already are seeing some liquidations, but they are at prices that are fairly high for this type of a sale–investors remain in the hunt for land at a reasonable price and they are keeping values at levels which are lower, but only by a few percent.

The economy has now ramped up further as we see consumers stepping up to take down huge amounts of debt–this happens when consumers are overly confident of the future for their own financial situation.

Consumer debt which was announced this week jumped by $24 billion in May against a consensus guesstimate of $12 billion.  A larger than normal portion of this was credit card debt.  While we are not going to worry about these types of things now you can be certain items like these are setting us up for a deep recession down the road (who know when?).



7 thoughts on “Trade Tensions Rise While Income Securities Remain Firm”

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      1. Earnings are erratic to say the least. Revenue declining for 3 years and earnings gyrating wildly up and down. The common has been cut in 1/2 over the past 4 years.

    1. Bea–thats for sure–but it has always been difficult to ponder a purchase with the management team they have.

    2. I confess and bought 200 around close yesterday at 18.20 and 100 more premarket at 19.59 of FPI-B. This was not an investment but a casino gamble, thus the tiny amount dedicated to it. If I had a brain in my head I would sell and NOT pat myself on the back for commingling investment money with casino gambling money.

  2. The critique of United States trade deals goes back at least 30 years. Wall Street is treating tariffs as a negotiating tactic. The Street seems to think that we can get every country in the world to do things they have never agreed to for over 30 years. In other words, the Street believes the trend of the last 30+ years will change. Until proven wrong, I do not invest with some belief that the trends of the past will “magically” change. So, I believe the trade tariffs will not go away anytime soon. With that said, I don’t believe it will impact preferred and ETDS and if it does it’s a good buying opportunity. However, if you believe as I do that tariffs will be longer term, this coupled with oil price increases, a FED that forecasts 3% short term rates in a year ( 2 more increases in 2018, 2 in 2019) makes me want to buy higher quality with a coupon rate of 6% or higher.

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