Time to Start Some Model Portfolios

For the last 12 years we have been active writing on websites–either our own or for Dividendinvestor.com and we have always had a number of model portfolios which serve to do a number of things.

1st off they serve as a “testing” ground for how to invest given different economic situations.  2ndly they serve as good foundations for newer investors who are trying to define their investment style.  Lastly they can display that income investors can garner a decent return even being somewhat conservative.  The truism remains that a large percentage of all individual investors either make very little in their portfolios or they have losses.

As many of the seasoned investors know individual income investors do not need to lose money, but when you are 50 or 55 years old and just getting into the income investing mode it can be somewhat confusing as to the best way to structure a portfolio for a reasonable return.

We have shown in our 2015-2018 Medium Duration Portfolio which is kept on DividendInvestor.com that 8-9% returns are attainable without trading continuously trading in and out of the market.  That model is here.

We will begin publishing our new portfolios next week and we will include a number of different options.  For instance, aggressive income,  a super safe income portfolio and an enhanced income portfolio.  Like the portfolios now kept on Dividendinvestor.com we intend to run these portfolios for years so we get the long term results since a single year is totally meaningless in the big picture of income investing.

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