The Summit is On and Markets Could Move

POTUS and Kim Jong-un are meeting at this moment as I write and as this is expected to be a short meeting I expect before I go to bed in 4 hours we will have some sort of news out of Singapore.

While there is not really any news that will likely be very meaningful coming out of this meeting markets can still be moved.  We can watch the Asian markets for their read on the summit.

If the meeting goes badly we could see bond prices rise a bit with a small rush to safety occurring and stocks could take a tumble.

More likely they will be meeting for a couple hours and then will release a statement that it went well and they will be scheduling a future meeting to continue talks.  If this occurs we could see stock prices up a bit with interest rates remaining flat or jumping a basis point or two.

No matter what happens tonight any affects will likely be very short lived as markets await the predetermined increase in the Fed Funds rate on Wednesday.

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