The Beatings Continue for AmTrust Financial Preferreds

We wrote about this yesterday–we figured the hammering in the shares AmTrust Financial (AFSI) preferreds might let up today–they didn’t . In fact they continued at the same pace as earlier in the week. We are happy to NOT be speculators as there is no predicting which direction or how far share prices might move.

We understand that there likely will be a writer on Seeking Alpha advocating for buying the shares since there doesn’t appear to be fundamental issues with AFSI. In fact I just looked and crazy  Norm Roberts advocated for a potential position on the 11th of January.

It is my understanding that Norm has now been banned from Seeking Alpha so don’t look for any updates to his articles.

Our advice to investors is simple–know what your goals are for your investments and you target returns and FORGET about crap like this.

Here is a chart of the AFSI-B shares after trading today.


2 thoughts on “The Beatings Continue for AmTrust Financial Preferreds”

  1. Sound advice Tim.
    I held AFSI preferreds last year and got too crazy for me and have made good money on them buy trading in/out. I do hold MH-A and it has been down in sympathy as some of the crazy leaders are involved with them. I was hoping they would have called it already and then I would be rid of it.

    1. I am happy I don’t personally own any of this—15 years ago a may have takem a speculative “flyer”. I did notice MHLD issues were down somewhat today as well–the MHLD common is 7.70 down from a 52 week high of over $18.

      Thanks for stopping by and dropping a note.

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