Testing Complete

Below I wrote about a limited test on a new sortable listing of income securities.

We had the list up for about 24 hours–before I broke it while making some changes’on the fly’. Fortunately I kept archive copies of the listing.

I had hoped to report for the rest of the weekend, but instead decided to leave it down while further work is completed.

The test, while quite limited in time, provided the feedback I needed to proceed to make changes and improvements. THANK YOU to all who accessed the sheet and provided valuable information to me.

I will sent 12/1/219 as the target date for the next release. I anticipate making the sortable listing available to anyone who would like a copy–you will need to have a Google account to secure your own copy.

8 thoughts on “Testing Complete”

  1. Not sure where/how to place this comment. b Reily had a lot of comment recently. They have declared a special .25 div on the common. Proceeds from the last preferred?

    1. billo – B. Riley’s got so much going on right now including the purchase of Barney’s assets, purchase of a brand investment portfolio, an announcement of another $50 mil share buyback program, etc., etc., etc., that it would be very difficult to link the issuance of a preferred to payment of a special dividend… That special divvie, btw, is .475, not .25. The use of proceeds for the RILYP preferred issue made no mention of such a reason for the issuance… As further example of the many moving parts at RILY right now, Use Of Proceeds for the RILYN issue of over 5 weeks ago specifically mentioned to refund RILYL and yet they still haven’t announced a call date for that issue, so I am theorizing they have uses for their capital which I suspect they might consider to be temporarily and unusually high but manageable right now.

  2. Many thanks, Tim. I really appreciate everything you do for us. You help me manage the rising cost of life with my fixed income investments.

    1. Many thanks, Tim. Looks great and easy to find. FYI, TRIN-A and B are both QDI according to Doug Le Du. Hence, I would predict the new TRIN-C should also be QDI.. All my best to you, Sir.

      1. Thanks johnkcal–Triton is not clear of the dividends being qualified, so I list as no–Also the same on all the CEF preferreds. On the security detail page I have listed them all as No with the note that explains the situation. I will probably create a new category for QDI called variable to account for those that are partially QDI, return of capital etc.

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