Synchrony Financial to Offer Preferred Shares

Synchrony Financial (SYF) will be selling a new issue of fixed rate, non cumulative preferred stock.

The issue will be non cumulative, qualified and I think it will be rated just below investment grade (maybe BB+), but right now I find no current rating. This will be the first preferred offered by SYF. SYF is a company that was spun off from GE Capital back in 2015.

This could be an interesting issue for yield hunters–we’ll see.

The preliminary prospectus can be found here.

14 thoughts on “Synchrony Financial to Offer Preferred Shares”

  1. Only about 2 months ago, a public utility supplying natural gas came to market. A cumulative preferred issue at 5.625%. Initially a somewhat tepid market response. SJIJ. Currently trading at $25.95. As another poster pointed out public utilities are a necessity

    Now we have the same coupon, non-cumulative issue for a BB-

    Bad, but guess what? The buyers are equally at fault. Don’t buy stuff like this until they raise the coupon to something that matches the risk. So, another pass unless it drops to at least $23.25 and yields a minimum of 6%. That is not happening

  2. BB- in the next 2 years could be 3.25 area. 🙂
    Eventually we will hit something. It seems that the market is never complacent, and goes to extremes. That is what I love as you can make a ton of money on irrational exuberance and extremes.

      1. Boo George–rated lower than I thought it might be, and as always the coupon is lower than it should be (at least lower than I want it).

      2. Fitch seems to be consistently lower in their ratings these days. 2 notches is a big difference.

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