Spark Energy Prices a Preferred Issue (Re-opening)


Spark Energy (NASDAQ:SPKE) has announced pricing for a reopened preferred stock issue.

This is a reopening of the earlier issue from March and thus is trading at $24.75 on the reopening.  The official offering price is $25.25.

The reopened Series A issue will be 2,000,000 share of a 8.75% fixed-to-floating issue with 250,000 shares available for overallotment.  When originally offered in March 1,400,000 shares were sold.

Charting for the issue is here.

Shares are cumulative and are redeemable as early as 4/2022.

The pricing document for the new issue is available here.

Spark Energy is an independent energy retailer (natural gas and electricity) operating in 18 states headquartered in Houston.


2 thoughts on “Spark Energy Prices a Preferred Issue (Re-opening)”

  1. Hi Zwei–yes they don’t specifically mention the reopening but I am sure you are correct just looking again as it is Series A.

  2. This sounds like it is the same preferred that it issued in March (Series A). Is it a re-issue of more shares?

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