Spam Reporting

We have had a few items (or people) slip through the automated spam blocking we use so we have set up another method to report these few instances when they occur.

In the right hand column there is a link called “Report Spam”. Clicking this link will take you to a page of instructions for reporting via email to a new email address we have set up for just this use.

While we would prefer to have a “form” to fill out and with a click we have the info using an email is a quick and dirty (and cheap) way to get the job done. We are due to meet with Chad (our tech guy) in the next week or two and we have added this to our list.

Just so everyone knows we currently have an automated spam filter running and to this we can manually add people, URL’s or even IPs to be filtered out. I can guarantee that a few items will still slip through, but with your help we will get those out quickly.

As I reviewed the filters yesterday I noticed over the last couple of months a couple posts from regular posters ended up in the filter–don’t know why but it was just a couple.

We note that the biggest reason we have to manually approve posts is because some, on occassion, will use more than 5 links in the comment space. This quarantines the post until we approve it. It is ok to use more links, but it will take a bit before it gets posted.

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