Sorting Preferred Stocks by Largest Share Price Loss

We have added a new preferred stock listing – listed by largest share price loss.

The list is all $25 regular (or traditional) preferred stocks issues which in this case includes term preferreds–we have also included a few convertibles.

We do not include trust preferreds

This list is sorted each time it is loaded—the quote providers claim real time or near real time but it is safer to say quotes may be delayed up to 15 minutes.

We believe this list provides a real time (or nearly so) opportunity to snag issues that may have a large share ‘dump’ occurring for a quick profit.  We believe many readers can find a use for this listing.

The list can be found here-it may take an extra 1/2 second to load as it sorts with each load and contains over 430 issues.

Additionally we have included a link on the preferred stock page here.

21 thoughts on “Sorting Preferred Stocks by Largest Share Price Loss”

  1. This is clearly the most comprehensive list I have seen. Great job.

    For a relative novice, like myself, the thing that is missing is the credit agency rating. It’s clearly in the database, because when I click on an entry, I can see the credit agency ratings. When I am looking to invest new money, I often start with issues that have not reached their 1st call date that have investment grade ratings

  2. Tim, Thank you for an awesome preferred and baby bond list. I for one, really appreciate your hard work to compile the lists and post it on your site. It is very helpful to get all this in one place!

  3. Tim, PRIF-A might be an issue you want to add to the CEF preferreds list if you weren’t thinking about doing this already.

  4. Hi Tim, the list is great – very useful … so a big thanks.
    You may want to annotate for when time permits that RNR-F and ACGLP may be missing from list.
    Am I correct in that quotes in list reflect regular market hours? I noticed GLIBP – someone must have been lucky to sell 200 shares of GLIBP slightly higher (25.39) a couple of seconds after market closed and pocketed dividend.

  5. Tim, this is a very cool list. I have bookmarked it and can see myself scanning it several times a day.

      1. Don’t know if it’s possible, but adding the ex date might be helpful to see which price changes are distorted due to going ex today. Thanks for your work.

    1. I have bunches more to do as I have expanded my ‘ability’ to sort etc. All I need is some time—of which I have almost none.

      1. Nice chart, Tim! You should be proud of your website. I know many including myself are appreciative of your work.

        1. Thanks Grid–I can’t wait until I have more than 30 minutes/day to devote to it.

          1. Great spreadsheet, Tim, but somehow I still feel slighted as only 1 of my 13 preferreds is on the list, lol…

    1. Yes Qniform–I saw it. When AT originally started publishing these articles he ‘swipped’ my spreadsheets and posted them as his own so he has reworked them now as I asked him to at least give credit if he was going to use my spreadsheets and info. Recall that I have had these same spreadsheets since 2006.

      1. OMG, I didn’t know that! Well, at least he now has some charts with good x,y axis duration/yield plots.

        1. That has been a few years ago. I wish I had the time he had to write on this stuff–one of these days. Yes I enjoy AT by and large.

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