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Sortable Spreadsheet

Those that are interested in my sortable spreadsheet should always check here for the latest versions with updates.

This is updated constantly—as it has to be. I remove redeemed issues, add new issues etc probably every 48 hours. At this moment I have all but a couple issues that I follow in the spreadsheet.

Lately I have been chasing my tail around as the various quote sources are not very reliable. Some quotes work one day and then not the next. At this moment quotes seem to be working fine.

I put the date of update in the link description so one knows if they have the latest copy.

13 thoughts on “Sortable Spreadsheet”

  1. Tim, I am trying to get familiar with your Google sheet as a replacement for Doug De Lu, which I currently use a lot as a source for YTC. I notice that your YTW values are consistently lower than Doug’s YTC and was wondering if perhaps the reason is that your sheet does not assume dividend reinvestment, as I believe Doug’s does.
    Also, how do you search (not sort) for a specific symbol on your sheet? I am guessing that is available but I am a real newbie to google sheets.

    1. RK160. Use CTRL-F. It works in almost every Windows app that I know. If you are not using Windows, I don’t know what that is.

    1. Tim,
      I echo the thanks…Have you thought of setting up a Patreon account for donations?

      All the best and good luck!

  2. Tim,
    I notice that the years to call (Column U) is blank for some issues with call dates (past or future). Is that intentional?

    1. nh–yes I normally just hide that column–if an issue is past the 1st call date then the column is not used in the calculation as the assumption is that it will always be called ‘tomorrow’ (ASAP).

  3. I am new to this, but I dont think the 1st call date on APO-A is correct in the spreadsheet. I think it should be 3/15/22 instead of 3/15/21.


      1. Tim,
        Firstly, thanks so much for all your work here. I’m not sure how you do it.
        Is it helpful to supply you with names of BBs or PFDs that are active, but are not on your list?

        If so;
        Wells Fargo WCF-PZ; Trad, Fixed, Non-cum, Coupon 4.75%, 1st Call: 3/15/25, Perpet, BBB-/Baa2, 15th: 3,6,9,12; today’s close $25.28, vol 196k

        Southern Co SOJE; BB, Fixed Coupon, 4.20%, 1st Call 10/15/25; Mat 10/15/60; BBB-/Baa2, 15th 1,4,7,10; today’s close $25.21 vol 375k

        1. Fredson–always helpful to have group proof readers. I always say data is around 98% complete–most always something missing since I am dealing with around 750 issues (plus or minus).

          I’ll print this and get them added in the next day or two.

      2. Thanks for fixing Tim, but we went the wrong way with the year. It is now showing year 20 instead of 22?

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