Sortable Sheet Update

You can find the most recent update to the preferred/baby bonds spreadsheet here.

This contains more newer issues (although still maybe 5 or so are not on there yet), called issues removed, tweaks to ‘yield to worst’, corrections to any errors I find and some updates to credit ratings.

You can check back to this page once a week or so and I will likely have updates weekly. Primarily I make updates as I can find 30 minutes to make additions every few days.

Remember that you need to follow the instruction on the sortable spreadsheet page which means to ‘turn it on’ you need to make your own copy.

6 thoughts on “Sortable Sheet Update”

  1. Tim, I love this resource and I copy it and augment it with my comments on a regular basis. However, I don’t understand the reasoning for keeping the $25 dollar master list separate from other preferred denominations. There used to be some popular $10 ones, there is an $8.5 par out there, and there are a few fairly popular $50 par ones – I realise the $100, $1000 and higher par value ones are true outliers, but $50 and less seem to be pretty conventional preferreds. A master list that had all denominations would be helpful, or maybe fold in the $50 or less ones into the $25 dollar list.

    1. RJZ–I keep them separate so I can look at the $25 universe as a stand along as the 50 and 100 issues are illiquid (generally). In the future when my ‘real job’ is less demanding I will look at other possibilities.

  2. WOW! Best reference of it’s kind–by far.

    And you have a day job? When do you sleep?

    Was going to print, but noticed that it’s 69 pages. Maybe I’ll save it to a memory stick and take to FedEX or UPS.


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