Sortable Sheet Link Location

Just a quick note that the sortable Goodle sheet link has moved to the right side menu.

The link will remain there and I will give notice on any new version of the sheet that I post.

Chad and I have been making some changes in the top menu area–new logo etc., that limits the top menu area.

12 thoughts on “Sortable Sheet Link Location”

  1. Happy Holidays everyone! Just wanted to express my gratitude to Tim for this great web site and gathering so many helpful people, willing to share their knowledge and ideas. Thank you for all the great work.

    1. Thanks Citadel–Happy Holidays to you also. Yes the logo seems appropriate for the site.

      1. The main lightbulb in the upper left is currently “off” and I can barely read the date. Sometimes it’s “on”. (white background vs. dark background)

        You should make and market the light bulb design with the $ as the filament – like the Edison bulbs you can now buy.

        Thanks again for this AWESOME site. I get so irritated at the “sign in or register” popups and it is refreshing to not be hassled because I am using an ad blocker. Merry Christmas.

        1. Hi Mark–I will watch the new logo–maybe when it is on someone is having a great idea–and when it is off we are napping. I’ll mention this to Chad a see what he has to say.

        1. Tim – New logo non-existent on FireFox? I only see it on Chrome and IE (I’m not an Apple person and don’t give Edge the time of day)….

          1. 2WR–I’ll check into it–as I mentioned to Mark in CO–maybe it is because you aren’t having any good ideas when you are on firefox so lights are off. Really – I’ll check with Chad on it.

            1. Thanks, Tim… For the record, I don’t have to be on FireFox to not be having any good ideas….. My bulb’s dim on many a browser….

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