Some of the Heaviest Preferred Volumes Ever

Today I see there was massive volume–buying and selling–in preferred shares — the most that I have ever seen.

There were 132 issues we are showing with more than 300% of normal daily volume. Obvious there were a bunch of funds rebalancing–and the pricing is totally distorted both to the downside and upside.

You can see the high volume on the Preferred Stocks with High Volume page here. These numbers will ‘clear’ tomorrow morning at 8:30 am.

12 thoughts on “Some of the Heaviest Preferred Volumes Ever”

  1. KYN-F having massive liquidity today. Bought at 24.95 already. Tim this is fav. This is a very safe holding tank issue. Over 50,000 shares traded.

    1. Grid, you beat me to the spiked punch bowl; I’m in to buy KYN.F at 24.95 as I sold some 2 days ago at $25.10. Hard move higher on the TNX and the economic numbers may have spooked the bond market. Wishing you profitable investing, Nomad

      1. Nomad, you will feel better now knowing I finally exited my SCE preferreds today, lol. Made a nice little profit flip. I own no more CA ute preferreds now. Doubt if I return either.

        1. Grid, that is truly fantastic news! I have followed you in and added to my MTB.C today. I find little value again and have flipped many of the quality issues I loaded the boat with from Decembers nice opportunity sell-off. Watching ALLY.A and many other for a dip. All the very best, Nomad

  2. For example, C-S is really cheap now because of abnormal volume. I just loaded up this morning.

    1. Thanks Ken–I had noticed that was going to happen, but didn’t expect that huge disruption.

      1. I couldn’t even find the Exchange-Listed Preferred & Hybrid Securities Index link on the ICE website…maybe they’ll add it next week.

  3. Great opportunities to buy and sell certain issues, hopefully I can take advantage of it a bit more at open. Hoping some people slow on a Friday, wish I did more in after hours today.

    1. I think most of what I own went higher, but will be watching for some more potential bargains.

      1. found some before market open but they went up too much at open. Most of mine that spiked yesterday are back down AQNA & NI-B notably. I am holding

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