Site Down—Again–Update


Thanks all for the kind words on the site–I think we have been down maybe 4 hours in the 1st 18 month of the site being active.

Apparently the “hosting” server has been giving the host problems and they thought they had it fixed yesterday (Tuesday), but as those that tried to use the site this morning between 6 and 7:30 am know it was down–so I guess they didn’t get it fixed.

I will post further updates if Chad get further news from the host.

Yesterday morning our website was either down or very, very slow for maybe 30 minutes. Before I could get to Chad the site was fine so I just let it go.

This morning around 6 am (CDT) it looks like the site was down again–this time maybe 90 minutes or so–growl!!

Maybe there was maintenance or something–don’t know. I have sent off a message to Chad to get an explanation. Minimally if there is maintenance to perform we should get a notice in advance.

7 thoughts on “Site Down—Again–Update”

  1. Ditto to all of these comments, Tim, I am still amazed at how much effort you put in and are willing to share, and as Artemisa said the civil commenting and sharing of truly valuable information. I’m still going thru the education process, and this site is “priceless”.

    1. Hi MonkeywithDarts–thanks for your nice words–it’s fun–mostly. I have a long, long way to go to get this site totally up to speed, but if you are learning from all the folks that is the goal.

  2. Tim, thanks for the update. I sense the traffic on your site is picking up and as we all know, running a web site is no easy task. Especially one that is experiencing growing pains. I’m sure you know that your “labor of love” is a big hit with income investors and as such you have much to be proud of. I like the civility that rules the comments that are posted, and the willingness of many participants to share their knowledge and experience. I hope we can count on Innovative income Investor for many years to come.

  3. Tim – thanks for all you do. For all fellow devoted site followers, here is a different reaction to the slow site start this morning – Get up later!

    1. Ben—you’re very welcome. Yes I would love to get up later, but I have been driving pretty hard lately and I don’t know any better.

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