Shutdown Agreement Reached Per Drudge

Matt Drudge is reporting an agreement in the partial government shutdown has been reached and will be announced at 1 pm (eastern I assume).

While we don’t do politics it would be nice to know that with all the issues we have economically that this issue would be off the table–for now.

3 thoughts on “Shutdown Agreement Reached Per Drudge”

  1. The recent AQNA was rated BB+ at time of offering. I bought cheap during the sell off with intention to hold. Now AQN is selling $300 million Canadian of debentures rated BBB by Fitch. That IG rating should be good news for AQNA.

  2. Fox can’t confirm a deal has been made, but they said preparations are happening at the WH in case something is finalized.

    Hurry up and wait…

    1. Yes–who the hell knows–but Drudge has pretty good sources–at least has had in the past.

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