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I will be adding a new link titled “Sandbox” in the right hand menu.

That link will get you to this page.

I had originally set up the “Reader Initiated Alert” page for ‘alerts’. I was thinking this, for instance, might be when a preferred stock is undergoing a temporary selloff and someone wants to let the population know about it quickly. Of course we all (including me) use the ‘alert’ page for general messaging.

I am requesting that we start using the Sandbox page for all general talk, and try to preserve the ‘alerts’ page for ‘alerts’.

I have had a screen up on one of my monitors all week where I see all comments – no matter where they are posted–it is a great page and I wish everyone had a page like that–believe me we all benefit from all the knowledge being shared. I don’t want to stifle any of the exchange of knowledge, but hope to get things a bit better organized by adding the Sandbox page.

395 thoughts on “Sandbox Page”

  1. I see that TD Ameritrade still has a DTC chill on SLMNP after the name change. Anyone know how long it will last?

  2. I recently heard from TDA that they have or will soon have a web-based version of ThinkorSwim available. That may be good news for anyone operating without a hard drive.


    1. I wonder if that’s an indicator that ThinkOrSwim will unquestionably survive the Schwab merger?

    2. My wife accuses me of ‘operating without a hard drive’ all the time, maybe its time I got a TDA account.

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