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I thought I should post a short note on ‘comments’ made on the site.

Thus far I have been really happy about the commenting going on–I learn more from the comments than from anything else–and I am guessing that is true of everyone.

When you comment your name and email are your log ins.  The 1st time someone posts I have to approve the post–after that it is automatically approved.  If the name and email are not identical to the approved post it gets kicked to me for approval prior to showing up on the site.  So the message here is use the same name and email each time (you can use any name and email–we don’t really care–and we don’t save any emails etc for any use whatsoever).

If you embed a link in your post then it will have to be approved by me.  While I could turn this feature off  we would likely be inundated (over time) with more and more bots posting links of all sorts and soon the comments would become as useless as Yahoo Finance became.  I just glance at the links posted and then approve–maybe 99%–we have had a few I have deleted.

Of course this means that if a different name or email is used or a link is posted it could be a few hours before it is approved since one can’t be on the computer 24/7.


19 thoughts on “Rules of Commenting”

  1. Thank you Tim for being the Guardian at the Gate. Much appreciate your site and the collegiate atmosphere.

    1. Ha–you’re welcome Alpha 8. If we all have to worry about all of our writing skills we will spend all our time in Funk and Wagnalls instead of being kind of productive.

  2. First off, I would like to say that this is the most informative site I frequent with regards to preferred stock investing. Kudos to Tim and the commentators. I do have an off topic question. Yesterday I had a limit order of 200 shares filled, but only received 197 shares. when i decide to sell the shares, does the odd lot make the order harder to fill? should i use an “all-or-none’ feature on orders in the future?

    1. Not at all. The days of round lots are long over. As to AON, generally no, but a good answer would be a lengthy answer. Coming up 3 shares short is no reason to use AON. It’s when you get picked off for one share (and a commission) that you wish you had an AON order.

      1. I agree Bob-in-DE—I have a number of 1-5 share holdings where I had a limit order in and ended up with just a couple shares because I didn’t use AON.

  3. When I first saw your post, I speculated it was going to include the traditional “be civil” admonitions. But you didn’t have to do that, because everyone has acted that way. I like that about this site. I really appreciate the articles, the depth of the raw data you make available, and have benefited from the comments and perspectives of other readers. Thanks to all.

    1. Thanks Roger–we only had 1 uncivil person and he hasn’t been back since some earlier posts.

    1. I went to the Duke Energy SEC filing, but there is no rate specified, wonder what it will be?

      If it is around the mid to high 5% range, I might be interested in getting some for the IRA.

        1. I see that another poster on your thread about the new issue stated about 5.75% that would be a very attractive rate for a solid investment grade ute.
          I would be buying hand over fist anywhere near par, lol

    1. Hi Shooligan–if you are fit the criteria on the bottom of this page you should get a opportunity to sign up–pop up (so a blocker might not allow it).

      On the other had we will be adding an email option in the next few months (I hope).

  4. I agree and feel I have learned tons by the back in forth in the comments. Right now I am doing stuff with options… and based on what I am doing… if it continues I am looking at an 8-12% return on my money over 1 year. Its not a crazy risky way… it more on the writing Puts (aka its like insurance for holders of stock).

      1. Basically, its PUT writing on stocks I WANT to buy and for the price I want to buy them at. BUT those stocks must have something of value to them, besides growth… they have value (dividends). I am also not writing naked PUTS, I have the money to purchase the stocks… no playing with margin… too risky. I will need to do this for another 10 months to see if its a viable strategy. As of right now out of all my puts, 95% of been profitable… mostly with the option expiring without it being exercised.

  5. I agree that the comments are a valuable part of this site – does the search bar include searching through comments? I seem to have had trouble getting it to do this in the past.

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