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Just a quick note on the use of the RSS (real simple syndication) feed on this site–and on any site.

In the column on the right hand side is a choice of “RSS Feed”.

If you have a feed reader installed and you click on this choice it will allow the addition of a “feed” from this website. This means anytime something new is posted to the home page a notice will come to your feed reader.

We can only speak to the Chrome browser which is the one we use. We use a feed reader on our desktops, laptops and Chromebooks. It is great–very efficient for catching stuff you want to catch.

In our case we actually follow 100’s of feeds. For instance you can follow any company SEC filings or you can follow any company on Seeking Alpha–or any particular author. Many companies have feeds from their websites as well with press releases etc.

So simply here is how you do the Chrome RSS. Go here. Then “add to Chrome”. Then open the file to install–done. Then as you want to add a feed to your feed reader just click the RSS icon on the site you want to follow and it will add the feed. Your list will update every 10 minutes or whatever you set it to.

You should see this symbol in your tool bar of Chrome–top right corner when you have the feed reader installed.

10 thoughts on “RSS Overview”

  1. Decided to give RSS a try. I used it years ago but stopped. A quick check and there where several choices as usual for Firefox on a PC. The most popular was FEEDBRO. Added it from Add-ons menu. It adds an ICON to Firefox. Click on the ICON and select Find Feeds in Current Tab. It lists the three available feeds. Select what you want, probably all three. Simple.
    When using select Open Feed Reader. There are 6 choices for viewing and many other options to customize experience.

  2. RSS is a blessing as it allows you to read all the comments posted since the last time you looked. I’ve started using RSS to monitor a number of other news and investment information sites that I visit regularly and it has been a real time saver. Great little application!

  3. Feedly is an RSS aggregation site that I’ve been using ever since Google killed off their RSS reader a few years ago. It works on all browsers and platforms. (The reader that Tim mentioned is a Chrome-specific browser plug-in. Of which I’m sure there are many.) Feedly allows you to organize your feeds into subfolders.

    Tim provides 2 RSS feeds: the article feed listed on the side bar under “Additional Links”, and the comments feed.

      1. Alpha, I can go over a 10k with a fine tooth comb and pick about any nit out I want….This RSS not so much. I will just keep browsing last 5 comments until there is a flip the switch icon to hit, or you personally come over to set it up, lol…

        1. Grid, sheesh I know what you mean. If only the rest of the world was apple-esqe. We have everything from the iPhones to the Apple TVs to the Time Capsule. Incredible they way they all talk to each other and get it done.

          1. Alpha, I just set up my new ipad this morning…Couldnt even call it a job it was so easy. Everything just transferred right to it from the one I bought 2 years ago. They were on sale for $240 last week so I couldnt let that price go. I probably could do the RSS thing but dont want to mess with it. Two years ago I couldnt get my wireless printer to sync with chromebook and so I hired the local school technology director to do it. 2 hours later he gave up in frustration. Later that night I figured it out on my own when my back was against the wall and needed it fixed to print something. But its not gonna get done if I dont have a desire. And I guess there is no desire here, ha.

  4. RSS is incredibly handy! I would recommend changing the default RSS settings for this site to show the full content rather than the excerpt. makes getting access to the full article via rss feed easier 🙂

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