Reminder–Seaspan Corp is now Atlas Corp and Tickers are New

As a reminder Seaspan has reorganized and is now Atlas Corp (ATCO) effective 2/27/2020.

We have updated individual security pages and are in the process of updated spreadsheets.

Note that the 7.125% baby bonds (SSWA) are being delisted, but the company has announced plans to call the issue on 10/10/2020. The last day of trading is 3/9/2020.

3 thoughts on “Reminder–Seaspan Corp is now Atlas Corp and Tickers are New”

  1. Worth noting that Atlas reissued the Seaspan prefs as their own. They didn’t just change the tickers.

  2. Hi Tim! I hope you are having great time during the weekend.
    What’s your personal opinion about Seaspan Corp (Atlas Corp), all preferreds from the sector have been harmed really strong recently but their ones are keeping cool. Shall we see a late downturn in them in the next days?

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