3 thoughts on “Priority Income Fund New Preferred Now Trading on NYSE”

  1. Thinking of putting the proceeds from todays sell out of LANDP here but a little unsure. This one trading below par and the yield is good. Let go of LANDP at $25.74 after calculating that the yield to maturity with that $.74 premium was only 5.1%. That seemed a little skinny so I got out. Priority seems like a bit of a black hole though.

    1. Retired–I think Priority is likely ok now as the company must maintain 200% leverage–and I recently calculated it at over 400%. Looking out a year I am less certain.

      1. I think I’ll sit on the cash for now. I got spoiled when I was able to grab Ni-B below par. That kind of quality and yield may not come around again soon but it makes me hesitant to settle for less. My standards keep going up while the recent offerings keep dropping theirs, lol. Patience is a virtue…so I’ve been told.

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