Preferred Stocks Sorted By Price Loss/Gain List Opened Up

Previously we had the preferred stock listing sorted by share price loss/gain embedded on a page–we have now opened it up so that anyone who uses that listing can take a copy–or have it resident in your Google account.

As always if you take a copy for yourself and assign a new name to it no new changes I make will transfer to the sheet. If it is just resident in your Google account updates and changes will continue to occur.

The sheet is here.

We also have the link for it on the “preferred stock” page.

3 thoughts on “Preferred Stocks Sorted By Price Loss/Gain List Opened Up”

  1. Yo Tim, Thanks for all the work. On this new sheet, it looks like the Change Column is the amount that the price has dropped from the 52 week high? I compared the first entry to a basic year chart and this looks close.
    I think that you guys are helping creating a more broad based liquidity in this market by attracting more real trading players. It will be very interesting to see if volatility, in BOTH directions, is created along with it. I have to say I have been conditioned to like the still, little backwater bayou for my fishing endeavors. Ride the wake!

    1. Joel–I think what you see is a few issues that are really illiquid. Google doesn’t seem to clear out those that hardly trade so sometimes the ultra low volume issues look funky.

      Certainly the info available on preferreds have changed a bunch since 2006 when I started my original website–then there was almost zippo info anywhere. With increased awareness we should have better overall liquidity–at least I hope.

      1. Appreciate the reply, I have to stop adding my own useless comments.
        What I was asking is are the ‘Change’ (Column F) numbers on this new ‘Preferred Stocks Sorted By Price Loss/Gain List’ the amount that the price has dropped from the 52 week high or another piece of data?
        Thanks, JA

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