Potential Error in Chimera OTC Ticker

I have been notified by a number of readers that the OTC Grey Market for the new Chimera fixed to floating preferred MAY BE CIMPP.  This ticker is showing up on eTrade and it looks like it is probably the correct ticker.

I just double checked and FINRA has it as PRBRP–which seemed weird to me when I originally listed it.

3 thoughts on “Potential Error in Chimera OTC Ticker”

  1. I think CIMPP is it because Etrade shows CIMPP as:
    CHIMERA INVT CORP CUM PFD SER C CIMPP: OTC Pink – Current Information

    1. This is exactly what I found at Fidelity. I went ahead and bought 300 shares at $24.75. Good or bad only time will tell. I see their other floating rate preferred CIM-B is trading with a current yield of 7.75%. at $25.76. The B issue has a higher float rate so that appears to be a better deal but I can buy the C on Fidelity but I can’t buy the B. This might be a flip issue for me.

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