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We still have a little confusion on posting of comments on the website.

Any commentor can start a new thread on any page/post by going all the way to the bottom of the page. Sometimes that is a long way down (i.e. Sand Box Page, Reader Alerts etc) but if you are on a laptop or deck top computer (that rules out Gridbird) you can hit your ‘end’ key and it will take you to the bottom of the page.

To Summarize–It is NOT necessary to alway just do a ‘reply’–by going to the end of the page you can have your post show up on the top of the comment section.

13 thoughts on “Posting Comments on the Website”

  1. M* and CefConnect used to display UNII. Does anyone know of a site that displays that for all cef’s with out having to go to the home page of each individual fund?


  2. Tim
    I suggest that the block for new comments for all sections should be able to be written at the beginning, not the end , unless they are replies to previous comments, which should be inserted after a comment using the @ character, Like @Tim M ** .Often replies are jumbled and you don’t know which commenter they pertain to or what entity is being discussed. It is usually easy to figure out but should be unnecessary to do so. I like the newest additions to the site, but soon will have no time left to sleep ? I don’t know how much work/$ is involved in making the changes I suggested above or if other viewers/commenters here feel the same way.

    1. Howard–I agree with you on the placement of the reply block–that is probably one I will have to go to Chad for–as it is may require higher skills than I have, but I will check further.

      Why do you think you need to sleep–you can be here with me about 18 hours a day.

  3. Tax Software. Anyone know if TurboTax Deluxe does the following?
    1) download brokerage trades
    2) handle K-1 forms

    I chatted with someone at Intuit just now and they were of no help. I did use TurboTax Home and Business last year and it did 1) and 2) above, but I want to buy a cheaper package if possible. Thanks.

    1. It does download brokerage trades if the brokerage works with TurboTax. Can’t speak to k-1s.

    2. I have used Turbotax Premier and was able to download from Fidelity and Schwab but there are others on there as well.
      To download the various K1s I use
      For me it worked but you need to manually check certain lines and adjust.

      1. As an aside on TurboTax Premier specifically and K-1’s in the days when I was willing to deal with K-1’s (I avoid them now), I used TT Premier and ran into a problem with one of the K-1’s. The amount involved was miniscule but without resolution, TT would not allow me to complete the return. What was so impressive was that I actually used their Ask an Accountant type promo to seek help from an expert internally. The expert was very experienced and continued to work through the issue with me patiently until collectively we figured out how to get TT to accept the K-1 and the return. It took hours as I remember, but the amount of human help, and good human help at that, I received from TT was very impressive and above what I expected would be actually available..

        1. 2wr, I hate it when that happens and you end up with white-out all over the laptop screen.

    3. Intuit says:

      “All TurboTax Desktop products include the same forms, however, the amount of guidance provided to complete the forms varies depending on the version.”

      Clear as mud?

    4. Leonard,
      To see if your brokerage works with Turbotax, check this link and click on the 1099 option to see the extensive list of providers:

      As for the K-1s, is the best place to go, IMO, however, after having had numerous problems with correct importations of data, I’ll never attempt to import K-1’s again into TTax.

  4. On a mac, going to the bottom is command+down arrow.

    Tim, Is there anyway to get e-mail notified on the thread?

  5. Tim – I didn’t know that about the “end” key. In fact, I had to find it first on my laptop to even try it, however, at least on my laptop, you have to press Shift/end in order to make it work.

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