Partial Position Purchase In Whitestone REIT Made End of Day

We made a small partial position trade of 300 shares in Whitestone REIT (NYSE:WSR) right at the end of the day at $12.04/share.  This purchase is for the Enhance High Yield Model Portfolio which can be found here.

We had noted earlier just a couple of hours today that we almost bought WSR earlier today–instead we purchased it 60 cents/share below the earlier price.  While we could see more downside in this security we would likely buy more at lower levels.

We will write more later today on this purchase.

To disclose we made the same purchase in our personal accounts.

2 thoughts on “Partial Position Purchase In Whitestone REIT Made End of Day”

  1. Hi Leonard–I have held WSR off and on since they came public over 10 years ago. I like the concept of small square footage leases in quality markets.

    I drip everything that I plan to hold onto for a long term holding—if I don’t I have ended up with cash building without a good place for it to go. I plan to hold these drip issues until maturity (baby bonds and term preferreds).

    If you have followed WSR you know it will probably be back to 14 in a month or two–if not you have a fairly solid income stream

    Good luck


  2. I’ve held WSR for a year or so, just collecting dividends. Wish I had sold when it was recently $14 but you know how that goes. If it goes lower then I too will add to my position. I don’t normally DRIP dividends but when REITs get beaten down like they are now, do you suggest DRIP’ing them? Only negative I see is getting stuck with odd number of shares which can sometimes be awkward, e.g. selling covered calls and if they get called, you end up with a handful of leftover shares to deal with.

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