Oxford Lane Capital Releases Investor Presentation

Specialty finance company Oxford Lane Capital (NASDAQ:OXLC) has released a new investor presentation.

OXCL has 2 issues of monthly paying term preferred which we and others have owned over the years. OXLCO has a coupon of 7.50% while OXLCM has a coupon of 6.75%.

The presentation can be read here.

Oxford Lane Capital is an owner of collateralized loan obligations (CLO’s) and is organized as a closed end fund, thus subject to “leverage” limitations of having at least 200% coverage of senior securities.

2 thoughts on “Oxford Lane Capital Releases Investor Presentation”

  1. Tim, thanks for the info on BPRAP back in January. It’s still moving up. Sold today for a 7.2% gain in 3 weeks. Will buy back if price is right but couldn’t pass up 7.2%.

    1. Wow, Dan, great minds…I did the same, put a limit to sell at $24.50 and it hit. Not bad for a few weeks “work”

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