Out Of Office

I will be out of the office during business hours for the next number of days and as such will be less than timely on any new issues etc.

The good part is that Reader Initiated Alerts will no doubt have any new issues etc. and a very fast basis as folks are always on top of these things.

12 thoughts on “Out Of Office”

  1. Tim, enjoy Tahiti and make sure you go to the restaurant Le Grillardin
    it’s outstanding and memorable…
    When it comes to money, everybody is of the same religion.” Voltaire

    1. Tahiti, really? I hope Tim doesn’t have happen to him what happened to us at nearly the same time of the year… We arrived in Tahiti in Aug, 1983 just before Cyclone Veena wiped out the island as the worst cyclone they had had in decades… We arrived, checked in to our over the water bungaloe then, oblivious to everything that was developing, went out to dinner in the mountains only to arrive back at the hotel and get told that all the over the water bungaloes had been evacuated… Say what??? We never did see Tahiti and when we arrived in Bora Bora to check into the Hotel Bloody Mary, all that was left of the place was a chimney and one surviving room… Having then checked cyclones off our list of experienced natural disasters, I guess we should have had an inkling that when we moved to Montserrat their dormant volcano would decide to come to life and destroy 2/3 of our island…. Check off another one!

      1. 2wr, You could have been a National geographic photographer. But going forward; avoid locusts, frogs and hail.

      2. 2wr–we are on the east coast and the earlier hurricane did give me pause, but fortunately the Georgia and S Carolina coasts seem to have minimal damage. I prefer to avoid your experience.

    2. Nomad–no Tahiti for me. My vacations destinations are typically determined by flight times. Being 6’8″ anything more than 2-3 hours is beyond my tolerance—even with upgraded seating. While I am more of a desert person which normally means Scottsdale or Palm Springs area for me I have to bend once in a while to a east coast trip to keep my wife happy.

      1. Tim – My wife and I have been married over 51 years.
        As the saying goes … “Happy wife, Happy Life.” At 6′ 8″, I imagine you have to bend occasionally.

        1. Thanks Bigbear–yes it took 2 wives to figure out the ins and outs–now with the 2nd one for 30 years–yes I bend in more way than one.

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