Our New Giant $25/Share Master List

We continue to tweak and add to the website and now we have added a ‘master list’ of $25 issues.

This list includes regular preferred shares and baby bonds–just $25 issues.  Eventually it will contain almost 700 issues when we add trust preferreds, 3rd party issues and convertibles.

The list contains almost 600 issues–and currently we have it set for sorting by current yield.

If folks would like a copy of this list just give us a comment below and we will post a link for everyone to use.

The new list can be found here.

This list is not referenced in any menu so if you want to access the page you should bookmark it.

11 thoughts on “Our New Giant $25/Share Master List”

  1. Hi Tim
    Please make it available on your page along with the other excellent lists. Thank you fro everything that you do for us.

  2. Tim, Awesome. Please add me and/or link. Thank You

    as an aside. is there a way I can receive an alert notification via email or text that an entry was posted to this site.. or subscribe to a particular thread?

    1. Hi Rich–there is a ‘pop up’ that asks you if you want notifications–but it doens’t work on all browsers–I know it works well on Chrome.

      As I get more toward operating the site full time more and more features will hopefully be available.

      Will be getting a master link out later today on the giant list.

  3. Thanks so much, Tim. Great info! Please consider making this list reachable via your navigation area at the top of the site, or posting of the link would be fine as well.

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