OTC Grey Market Ticker for American Homes 4 Rent

The OTC Grey Market ticker for the new 6.25% perpetual preferred from American Homes 4 Rent is going to be AMHRP.

We don’t see shares trading as of yet–but I suspect some platforms will see trading shortly.

6 thoughts on “OTC Grey Market Ticker for American Homes 4 Rent”

  1. At 1:10 PM EDT AMHRP is not trading at Fidelity or Etrade. But found it trading at Schwab, the last price at 1:02 PM EDT was 24.90. Will wait to see if it trades at Fidelity.

  2. I think it is a good idea if we have a live chat here. It would be more interactive. What your thoughts on this, Tim?

  3. Tim, I spoke with Priority Income Fund (PRIF.A) about their current cumulative term A and coming B preferred. There is much to write and I’d like to know just where you would like me (if at all) to post the information? If not, no big deal I really like this site and appreciate everyone help and information here. Anyone here can private message me if they would like to “chat”.
    Wishing you profitable investing, Nomad

  4. I see them on ETrade now @ $24.80. Tim, You going to buy some? Anyone else jumping in or have a price target at which you will purchase?

    1. Hi Leonard–must have just come online–I had checked eTrade 90 minutes ago. I will wait and see how trading goes today–and consider it tomorrow–but for me it would be only if I think I could get 40-50 cents in the next month on a flip.

    2. trading on schwab at 11:50am. I don’t see on Etrade. $24.93 is the high and current. $24.90 is low according to schwab

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