NuStar Energy Releases New Presentation

NuStar Energy (NYSE:NS) has a new investor presentation out.  The company has a number of high yield preferred stocks outstanding as well as a baby bond issue.

The MLP has been in the process of simplifying their business which includes some asset sales and purchases.

While we are sure that some of you have already seen this, but for those that have not seen it and may be interested we have posted the presentation below.

Wells Fargo Securities Research, Economics & Strategy Midstream and Utility Symposium December 2018 (1)

6 thoughts on “NuStar Energy Releases New Presentation”

  1. Hi Tim, found your website thru a Seekingalpha comment. Thank you for a great site and well organized listing. You should promote it on SA for there are lots of preferred stocks investors out there.

    Speaking of NS, any thoughts why the NS-B taking such a beating, trading at 25% discount to par.


    1. Hi Jay–I may write again this winter on Seeking Alpha–haven’t written there for almost 3 years and my time is such a premium.

      Glad to have you here.

  2. Thanks for posting this Tim…Nustar has a roughly 90 million barrel storage capacity, and with West Texas Intermediate pricing contango, holding oil in storage should be profitable.

    1. Citadel–I think they are doing a good job of dumping non core assets and redeploying funds. The soft crude market makes me a little weary of all energy related shares.

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