Note on Political Discussion

We note there has been a vigorous (but civil) political discussion occurring on one of the old threads and want to remind everyone that we try to discourage political discussion as it tends to get a bit contentious.

Personally we are not worried about this discussion as long as it is civil, but let’s not let it break down into any nastiness.

Thanks to everyone for being really good about keeping politics out of the discussion – as difficult as it is.

24 thoughts on “Note on Political Discussion”

  1. 2 more cents: My wife and I used to never miss the 30-minute news blurb each night from the anchor du jour, and then some years ago followed the crowd straight into the cable networks. As we all know, whatever historic civility the news provided is now long gone and replaced by hate, rhetoric and endless oneupmanship for the outrage of the day. In April 2018 we handed in our Mad Max hats and retired from network and cable news and have never gone back. We have not watched the so-called news since. We read, and when hate is embedded in an article’s title – we move on to the next. Former news junkies, it’s been incredibly liberating.

    Most of the political comments here have been objective, focused, intelligent and thoughtful – not leaving anyone out but Bob’s and Nomad’s recent comments come to mind. For others who feel rage, and want to ply ad hominem-laced division and thinly-veiled platitudes, – respectfully, please don’t do it.

    1. alpha8—yes when political discussions have occurred they have been civil which is why I haven’t gotten too worried about them–I worry more about someone jumping in with nastiness which then causes me to ban someone–and if I never have to ban more than the 2 that are currently banned I would be very happy.

  2. Didnt we just have this discussion (6/28/18..look it up, put “Norman” in the search, click the 6/28/18 date that comes up 1st related to that post… and read) .. NO politics.. total turnoff to me I appreciate it Tim. If people want to go on about it, go to SA, put “Political Comments” in the search box, select that contributor, every day they start a new feed where you can comment to your hearts desires.

    I sure do miss the old yh site where it was just Tim and portfolios and ideas.

  3. I am fully sympatico with your desire, Tim, to keep politics off the board. However, political issues do at time legitimately creep into the investing world. It is quite proper to look at the positions of the parties, and the individual candidates, to assess the impact of their election on the markets.

    What gets done or not done about guns or abortion, frankly, won’t mean anything to the markets. Taxes on securities transactions, net worth, unrealized capital gains, and inheritance tax rates and exclusions, surely will.

    1. For instance the S&p is up 40% since 11/7/2016 and the dow, + 48%!!

      Bob I’m new to site and greatly appreciate your reporting of precise numbers

    1. kapil–SJIJ is showing up in Fido, but it doesn’t show trading. My understanding is that there has been some trading on the ‘bond desks’ of some brokers-which would require a phone call.

      1. I got ‘invalid symbol’ when I type in SJIJ in fido. This has been a confusing new issue to trade.

        1. Yes–you have to type in South Jersey Industries and then it comes up as a selection.

  4. One of the first rules of investing is Don’t invest based on emotion. When political opinions get heated it’s mostly emotion and should not be the basis for trades.

  5. I appreciated Nomad’s thoughts, but agree with Tim on keeping things focused on the bouncy ball, so to speak.

    1. Thank you Tim for your post and thoughts. There are many areas on the internet that one can share their erudite ideas on politics and thankfully III is not that forum. Sadly, we have stopped listening to each others views and retorted to horrendous viciousness and aggressive thought manipulation.
      He who conquers others is strong; He who conquers himself is mighty.

  6. Yes.

    As you can lose friends over four things: Money, Sports, Religion and Politics.

    Let’s be friends.

    1. Citadel, I hope message finds you doing well. How have you been navigating this lower interest rate environment where many of “easy money” preferreds and bonds have been or are priced for calls? The reissuing of most of these preferreds/bonds (to replace the calls) have been at most of the corporations lowest yields in their history. I urge all to do your own deep due diligence and try and avoid income traps that will get crushed when/if interest rates back up.
      When it comes to money, everybody is of the same religion.” Voltaire
      All the very best, Nomad

    1. Thank you, Ed. The entire board benefits if we simply focus on making money, and not to advance personal agendas.

      I have seen more than a few boards where the political agenda was pushed hard – and in the end, good posters simply leave, and the political hardheads are left with a board that allows them to pontificate all they want, but delivers no useful information on investment.

      I am confident Tim will ensure his baby will NOT degenerate to that level.

      1. inspbudget–it it the beauty of this ‘dashboard’ I have with every comment made no matter where it is made (something I hope to someday get for everyone–but no luck so far)

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