NextEra Energy Baby Bonds Trading

The nicely investment grade baby bonds issued by giant utility company NextEra Energy (NYSE:NEE) are now trading under the ticker symbol NEE-N.

The shares traded on Monday in a range of $25.25 to $25.35. These bonds carry a coupon of 5.65% and are rated BBB by Standard and Poors, Baa2 by Moodys and BBB by Fitch.

For the conservative investor this would seem to be a decent issue to hold on a long term basis.

8 thoughts on “NextEra Energy Baby Bonds Trading”

  1. A little profit taking on NEE-N. I bought some more at $25.19. Seems like a lot of upside when compared to other sister issues trading around 5.25% yield

      1. Nomad, The selling is creating opportunity. It partially offsets not having had early access via TD or FIDO. Just added another 200 at 25.10.

        1. Alpha, I think that is a very wise decision at this time. I have 500 shares and have bids in to get the position up to 1000 shares. Everyone here, please do your own deep due diligence before investing in any security that has volatility…
          Wishing you profitable investing, Nomad

    1. Fred–I think you are right–there is theoretically some upside–we just need to see that converted to actuality.

  2. Yes. I retired from NextEra. 38 years of service. Very well managed company, with strict & effective auditing controls. and quality controls. We were the very first American company to win the coveted Deming Award from the Japanese Union of Scientists & Engineers (statically quality control)
    I believe it was is 1989. I was one of the QI Story presenters regarding work process quality improvement & control. Proud of it. My team also won the “Presidents Cup” for quality several years later.
    Bought 600 shares of NEEPRN via Fidelity. Hope to keep it in my “sock drawer”.

    1. Bigbear–good to hear support from a former employee. I do believe this is sock drawer material–although it will trade much more volume than the typical sock drawer issue.

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