13 thoughts on “Newtek Baby Bonds to Trade Soon”

  1. TDAM shows a bid/ask but still unable to trade – range is $25.13 to $25.15. Wouldn’t mind picking up some here but if it starts to run, I’m out.

  2. Tim,
    Thanks again for all the information you share on your site. Vanguard filled my order for NEWTL at 25.15 this afternoon.
    In appreciation


    1. Geoffrey–I do the best I can and all you folks add the real zest.

  3. Vanguard fixed-income desk filled an order for me this morning at 25.10 – said it was OTC for today and should list on the exchange tomorrow instead of today.

  4. Tried to find NEWTL listed premarket with Merrill and Fidelity with no luck. Does anyone know if it’s trading elsewhere today?

    1. Hi Wilson–I find the ticker set up in Fido and eTrade-no trading yet.

  5. Interactive Brokers won’t allow grey market purchases for some reason. Otherwise I would partake in all the under par new issues :*(

  6. Will list on nasdaq tomorrow 7/30. Currently trading in the 24.95 to 25.4 range today

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