13 thoughts on “New Urstadt Biddle Preferred Details”

    1. kapil and libero, were you able to pull it up online at fido using utbpp? I’m still not seeing it. Thank you in advance.

        1. They got me for 24.84 for 600 shs
          I was sure i entered limit order at 24.82
          No biggie anyways

          1. Newman–12 bucks–I never quibble over a couple of pennies–in the end it is either a good investment or not and pennies don’t matter 1 iota.

  1. Pete, same here at $24.79 for 700 shares. I have been out of UBP for quite a while, but enjoyed the 7.125% series back in the day. Pretty solid family controlled outfit. And they arent retail slumlords either.

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