New Ex-Dividend Calendar Working Well

Our new ex-dividend spreadsheet is working very well (at least in our opinion). The list shows upcoming ex-dividend dates for all preferred stocks and baby bonds.

We were concerned earlier this week when we launched the page that we would be unable to keep up with the daily scan we have to do to keep 600-700 different issues updated–but not the case so far.

The page is set up to list the farthest out ex-dividend dates which are declared at the top of the page and as you scroll down the dates get closer and closer to the current date–all ex dividends that occur in the future are in ‘green’ cells. Once the date is past the cell turns back to the normal white.

We add the new issues as they occur, but since any related ex-dividend date is unknown they are listed at the top of the page until such time that a dividend is declared.

We have set this spreadsheet up so it is not embedded into the website and a link will open the sheet and for those with google accounts it will show up in your spreadsheet list. Readers are free to make copies if they so like, but any copies made will not update further unless you make the updates personally.

Click Here to Open the Master List of Ex Dividend Dates.

6 thoughts on “New Ex-Dividend Calendar Working Well”

  1. Thanks Tim, much appreciated. I can now link and reference these dates from my own google sheets. that’s presuming google continues to work.. lol.

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