New Eagle Point Credit Monthly Report-Updated

Eagle Point Credit (NYSE:ECC) has released their monthly update and generally it looks pretty good.

Eagle Point Credit is the owner of collateralized loan obligations (CLOs) and has 2 term preferreds and 2 baby bond issues outstanding which is why they are of interest to us.

Disclosure–we own the ECCA term preferred issue (caution–there is 2% of call risk in these shares as they are now in the optional redemption period),

All of their issues can be perused here.

The monthly report can be read here.

6 thoughts on “New Eagle Point Credit Monthly Report-Updated”

  1. @Mrinprophet
    Absolutely not speaking for the management of this site, but I feel that would be a bad idea. Once a site allows ‘open discussion,’ the owners are responsible for monitoring every comment, which is a major task. Comments can go far beyond discussing the stock issues presented on the site, which would extend to politics, society in general, personal interactions, who knows what. I believe this site is JUST for preferred issues specifically which keeps the conversation under control. You can comment about any issue listed on the site by replying to a previous comment under other menus presented here. There are many financial blog sites available on the internet where you can make general comments. I personally would not like to see this site open for comments that go beyond the preferred issues displayed. Just my thoughts. Thanks.

  2. I’ve been watching the A and B shares vs owning ECC, but haven’t pulled the trigger on either. Did purchase OCCIP though.


    1. Mrinprophet–I should have mentioned that the ECCA issue has 2% of call risk in it so one needs to be careful. (I updated the article).

        1. Apologies for the unrelated question, but I’m relatively new. Is there a general place where we can ask questions about specific securities or express general thoughts or questions? There’s a wealth of knowledge and experience here. Thanks so much.

          1. Not sure but that question has been asked before. Maybe Tim could add a general discussion page or something.

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