12 thoughts on “New AT&T Baby Bonds Now Trading”

  1. I’d rather buy the common. 6% current yld with the possibility of dividend and share price increases.

    1. I was thinking of doing the opposite. Taking money out of T and adding here for less risk.
      Ps. I have just started reading this web site and I really like it. Is there a way to register on this web site so I don’t have to type my email every time I post?

      1. Hi Libero–the email is the ‘official’ way to post—since we have no fees etc we don’t have a way to ‘sign up’ per se. I will look in the set up and see what the ‘options’ are–but I have to be careful because if I open the credentials up too much I will end up with more spam than real messaging.

    1. I would consider it and probably buy into this IG security. But, I already am in a couple of T securities with 500 TBB and 500 KTBA. Also, holding T common and under water on that one and holding for divvy. I’m a bit puzzled as to why this newer issue has a slightly higher coupon of 5.625% vs TBB of 5.35%..

    2. They yeild too low for being perpetual. If one wants T bonds be patient and snag KTBA instead at 27.76 or so and take the higher yield.
      I got my full 25 shares of MTB- back and still kept previous divi intact. Dumped at 1013 the other day and got them back in a couple trades at about $1008 ave. If you can get in at 1008 there is meat on the bone with a $1015.75 redemption price (including divi on redemption date on 11/15). If they do not redeem one is stuck with a 6.375% par yield cummulative and BAA1. The horror of it all, lol…

        1. Mr. Lucky, here is the little truth that very few dont understand or know about. It takes a 100 BLOCK share transaction to officially move the price. Since that equates to more than a $100,000 trade that doesnt happen much. But a lot of little 5-10 share trades happen and this never moves the price.
          Take a look at this link and you will see the small trade dribbles that happen daily.

        2. Hmm, my posts arent going through like they should…Anyhow, I will try again. Mr. Lucky what many do not know is it takes a 100 share block trade to officially move price. Since that equates to $100,000 plus it doesnt happen much. But many trades dribble in some as low as $1005 in recent weeks.
          Got to freequotes.com and punch in MTB.P in appropriate box and hit “time and sales” icon and you can see all the recent dribble trades

          1. Mr. Lucky upon reflection let me say on SOME issues it takes a minimum 100 share block. And I dont really know why it is that way. I dont think MTB- was originally meant to be a liquid publically tradeable issue. It just wound up that way. And based on size of issue and trading volume most are institutionalized somewhere. Today they appear to have only been leaking out at 1010. It is dries up with zero volume a few days that is when you can get in at a better price is one so desires. Its more of a parking vehicle for me to hide out, as I suspect it will be redeemed.

    3. No, I have brought the common stock because it seems to be undervalued. I am also surprised at the difference between TBB and TBC.

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