mREIT Invesco Mortgage Reinstates Dividends-Corrected

mREIT Invesco Mortgage Capital (IVR) has reinstated the dividends on their preferred stock issues as well as common shares.

The company had previously suspended the declared dividends in an announcement 3/24/020—the payment was to be made 4/28/2020.

The previous announcement was here.

Today the company announced that the payment for the common shares would be made 6/30/2020 in a combination of common shares and cash–most of it being made in shares with only 5 cents/share made in cash.

Preferred dividends for the first quarter will be paid in cash on 5/22/2020, the dividends for the second quarter will be payable on 6/29/2020.

The announcement is here.

The 3 preferred issues outstanding can be seen here–they jumped $3-S4/share today.

NOTE–correction was made to the terms and date of payment of preferred stock.

4 thoughts on “mREIT Invesco Mortgage Reinstates Dividends-Corrected”

  1. This has to be the shortest dividend suspension ever. What a ride!

    I own a couple hundred shares of this turkey. Mostly for entertainment value.

  2. Tim and all,
    preferred dividends are to be paid for all three series in cash only, both on 22 May, and 29 June (for the B and C series), if my reading of the press release is correct. Sounds like a better deal than common shareholders get…

    1. Without reading the prospectus, I doubt the company has the option to pay preferred divis in script. So, if they want to pay anything on the common they have to pay the pref in full, in cash.

      Good for pref owners, like me.

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