mREIT AGNC Investment Releases New Presentation

From time to time we like to mention new investor presentations from companies which may have some importance to income investors.

mREIT AGNC Investment (NASDAQ:AGNC) recently presented at the Barclays Global Financial Conference and you can find their presentation on the following link (it will open a new PDF on your computer).

AGNC Barclays Presentation.

AGNC has 2 perpetual preferred outstanding which income investors may own-or have an interest in.

You can see their preferreds here–as well as a listing of all mortgage REIT preferreds.


7 thoughts on “mREIT AGNC Investment Releases New Presentation”

  1. Thanks for bringing this presentation to our attention. I think it is a great deck. I understand you provided it for information only, and you are not focused on the common shares. I do think AGNC has excellent management, with a great track record and a cost structure that is superior to most of its competitors. I will only say that the presentation strikes me as a pitch to portfolio managers who are primarily concerned about outperforming the S&P 500 index. That group might be happy if their fund loses 5% when the S&P index falls 10%. I’m a little more concerned about absolute returns, and think I will feel safer sticking to the preferreds.

        1. It is really not a big deal–I prefer you proofread for me–and I’ll pay you what I get paid (Zero).

          This one was on the master list so a control C and control V–moves it on the list.

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