Model Portfolio Being Built

We have always included model portfolios on our websites to be used generally as a teaching tool and we have begun to build these models.

It is likely we will put together quite a number of models over the coming months as we would to model high yields, super safe, and enhanced (fixed income with additional issues such as REITs added in for a potential extra boost) models.

We have started the high yield model thus far and have made 2 purchases in the portfolio (disclosure — we personally have recently purchased Spark Energy preferreds).

The High Yield Model can be found here.

We will be writing in more detail on our investment choices in the very near future.

2 thoughts on “Model Portfolio Being Built”

  1. Hi Leonard–glad you got a bit more of the Colony Northstar issue. As I was reviewing issues in the last couple of days the punishment that the CLNS issues have been taking is uncalled for–even though they are perpetual.

    I am looking at Just Energy-A. Curious how they match up with Spark.

    Will get back to you later today on some thoughts on JE.

  2. I bought the Spark Energy preferreds also and added to my CLNS-J holding. Thinking about the KIM preferred but its yield is somewhat puny. The JE-A is beaten down and offers a good yield, but the common stock has also been declining for quite a while so it may be too risky. Any thoughts on JE-A?

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