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Lots of Interest In Filtering Spreadsheet

I’m really pleased with the number of folks reviewing, and I think copying the spreadsheet I posted last Friday (I have no way of knowing how many copies are made).

So far, while my instructions on copying and renaming the spreadsheet, are NOT being followed by many I think it is most likely that some do not understand the in’s and out’s of working with Google Sheets. I will publish a new set of instructions soon so that maybe more folks will be able to understand them.

Also there have lots of comments–too many for me to respond to all of them, but I am going to read them closer and see what “tips” are there for me to utilize.

I know for sure that a couple folks offered formulas for the Yield to Worst column. The formula I use doesn’t factor in the “accrued” dividends or interest and thus makes the number a little worse than it really is. I will be working on this in the week ahead.

Also some others have offered suggestions which I will be looking at.

Don’t forget that while a sortable sheet is nice all the issues are sorted in various manners on this page here.

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