Listing Corrections

Our reader “Tex” did some proof reading on the last spreadsheet we released over the weekend and found a dozen errors in pricing and/or dividends and interest on the list.

We have corrected those dozen errors and since the original ‘master list’ was the basis for the new spreadsheet we also corrected those items on the original sheet.

It should go without saying that these listings should be used as a ‘start’ of your research for potential buys/sells and pricing data at your brokerage firm should be considered the gold standard from which you operate.  We have normally said we are 98% correct on these lists–maybe it is 99%, but 1 of the incorrect items we had made a difference of $4/share–a big difference.

Earlier in the year our reader “Russ” had found about a dozen errors on various lists and those items were all corrected.

Anyone proofreading our data is welcome–we need some of that high priced help.

We hope to add a “Error Reporting” area on the site soon so we can locate these types of messages–now we just stumble on them as there is so much commenting activity on all of the various threads we can’t keep up with them.


5 thoughts on “Listing Corrections”

  1. For those holding ENBBF or other Enbridge goodies – great news today regarding the company:

    Enbridge Completes 2018 Strategic and Financial Outlook; Reaffirms 10% Annual Growth Guidance Through 2020 and Announces 10% Dividend Increase for 2019

  2. My apologies. I see this question appeared and was answered earlier. I was on an iPad, and there must have been a delay in my being able to see it posted.

    1. Hi Wilson–yes-you should always use the same data for logging in–the 1st post anyone makes I have to approve and then assuming data matches earlier visits you are free to post without a moderator.

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